Lesson: Website Planning & Development
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Creation of website involves two phases: Website Planning and Website Development. Planning consists of creating objectives, sitemap and various engagement options for desired target audience. Second phase is Website Development which involves creation of web pages. It is commonly believed that creating website is very technical and only developers can do it. You will be surprised to learn how easy it is to create a working website in no time with tools like WordPress. In this module, along with website planning, you will develop basic understanding of HTML and CSS tags, how to install WordPress and even the SEO plug-ins.

  • Introduction
  • Types of Website
    • Static / HTML CSS
    • Dynamic / Data Base Driven
      • Hardcoded
      • CMS
  • WordPress Overview
    • Planning & Conceptualizing Website
    • Identifying
      • Objective of website
      • Creating Sitemap
      • Planning engagement options
    • WordPress Website Development
      • Installing WordPress
      • Developing website without having coding knowledge
    • HTML Tag Understanding,
      • Anchor,
      • Image,
      • URL’s,
      • Listing,
      • Div,
      • Class etc.
  • Tools you are going to Learn
    • WordPress CMS
    • SEO Plugins
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