Lesson: Google Webmaster Tool / Google Search Console
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You have created your business website. Next step is to try to attract as much traffic to your website. Now it will be fantastic if one gets an automated tools which can tell us improvements needed in HTML pages, crawling errors, manual penalties, security issues, increase in 404 pages, malware detected etc. Google Webmaster or Google Search Console is such a tool. In addition to debugging help, it monitors your website performance, submit content for crawling(makes it easy for Google to find contents on your site), and displays the search queries which worked for you in bringing in more visitors and so on.
This module covers Google Search Console in depth along with accelerated mobile pages, search analytics( including clicks, impressions, Click-Through Rate(CTR), average organic position), and international targeting. It also help you learn key tools like Ad Experience Report, Structured Data Testing Tool, Email Markup Tester, Google Merchant Center and Page Speed Insights to further optimize your web pages.

  • Search Appearance
    • Structured Data
    • Rich Cards
    • Data Highlighter
    • HTML Improvements
    • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Search Traffic
    • Search Analytics
    • Links to Your Site
    • Internal Links
    • Manual Actions
    • International Targeting
    • Mobile Usability
  • Goggle Index
    • Index Status
    • Blocked Resources
    • Remove URLs
  • Crawl
    • Crawl Errors
    • Crawl Stats
    • Fetch as Google
    • robots.txt Tester
    • Sitemaps
    • URL Parameters
  • Security Issues
  • Web Tools
    • Ad Experience Report
      • Desktop
      • Mobile
    • Testing Tools
      • Structured Data Testing Tool
      • Structured Data Markup Helper
      • Email Markup Tester
    • Other Tools
      • Google Merchant Center
      • Page Speed Insights
      • Custom Search
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