Lesson: Content Driven Marketing
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Today buyer is in the driving seat. 81% shoppers do online research before stepping into the store. To win customers in such a buyer-driven environment, what is most crucial is the high –value content. The content which can attract, give information that can add value and improve engagement is the key for success. This module focuses on how to build an effective multi-device ,multi-platform content strategy. It also explains the difference between effective and ineffective contents, writing compelling content, optimizing it for search engines with the help of real world case studies.

  • What is Content Driven Marketing
  • Objective of content marketing
  • Content marketing strategy building process
  • Fully Integrated Multi Device & Multi-Platform approach
  • Comprehensive Planning Process
  • Content Marketing Overlap
  • Effective vs. Ineffective Content
  • Types of content
  • How to write great compelling content
  • Keyword research for content ideas
  • Optimizing content for search engines
  • Case study on content marketing
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