Lesson: NODE JS
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Module 1: Introduction to NodeJS

  • Introduction and History
  • Latest version details
Module 2: Installation and Environment Setup

  • Setting up the Node environment
  • Node and npm Installation
Module 3: REPL Terminal

  • Exploring REPL Terminal
  • Walkthrough commands on terminal
Module 4: Digging into NODE

  • Server side Javascript
  • Introduction to NPM
  • Creating simple http server
  • Exploring package.json
Module 5: Event Loop

  • What is Event Loop
  • Exploring Event driven programming
  • Emitting events
  • Setting Callback methods
Module 6: Web Module

  • Creating simple webservices
  • Creating web clients using node.
Module 7: Express js

  • Exploring Express module
  • Setting up express environment
  • Creating http server using express
  • Reading data from GET/POST requests
Module 8: Templates

  • Creating templates using PUG
  • Generating Dynamic html pages from server
  • Responding a template for a client request
Module 9: File system

  • Exploring File system
  • Reading and writing to files
Module 10: REST API

  • Introduction to REST API
  • REST Architecture
Module 11: Clustering

  • Creating and handling multiple clusters in Node js
Module 12: Db Connection

  • Connecting to Mongo DB
  • Connecting to SQL
Module 13: WebService with DB interactions

  • Creating web services which communicate with Database
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