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We won’t be showing you how to code HTML/CSS/JavaScript. There are plenty of fantastic courses on Udemy that do a better job at that. Instead, we’ll take an HTML template that has already been created for us and implement it into a fresh Shopify store. The goal is to teach developers/store owners how to create/customize their themes. Utilize Shopify’s framework and start building your own pages.

We’ll take a barebones approach, using Shopify’s Theme Kit to do our development. Meaning, we’ll start from the absolute minimum amount of code needed to have a Shopify theme and build from there. After going through this course, you’ll be able to understand Shopify’s framework and create your own theme. You’ll learn the Liquid templating language and see how themes dynamically take what has been configured in the Admin dashboard and present it to your user-facing store.

Since this course’s inception, there have been 3 main audiences:

  1. Store owners. These are the folks who already own a store and want to be able to customize their stores.

  2. Developers. People who know how to code already, they just need to learn how to do it with Shopify theming. This is a quick and easy course to get them up and running. These people typically start creating their own themes and start selling them.

  3. Career changers. Learning how to make a Shopify theme is a great entry to a new career in web development. There’s a demand for Shopify theme developers. Although you’re learning a specific framework, you can build on these learnings as you branch outside of Shopify.

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